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By Richard

The best and product that works


best thing ever

By Jermaine

I am (as well as my wife) are blown away by how much SnoreRx has alleviated my snoring. This IS a legitimate review of the SnoreRx and not a random review from the makers of the SnoreRx. The funniest comment so far is having to be checked if I was actually breathing while asleep. I can't thank you all enough for making a product which has solved a lifelong problem. J. Truesdale

By Jeffrey

Years ago, I had the earlier design Snorex, which was bulky in my mouth and irritated my cheeks and lips. This newer design is perfect! Fits nicely, without the bulk. Easy to put in and take out. Easy to clean. I'm sleeping really well now.

By Eddie

Was everything it claimed to be. Snoring went from "EPIC" on a snoring app chart to virtually nothing. I am not a mouth breather. The only thing I did not expect is even though my mouth closed and while I am awake I can close my lips...the separation naturally forced my lips apart so I'm told this makes a "wsssshing" sound sometimes. And the makes my tongue dry. An improvement to the product for non-mouth breathers would be to invent some sort of removable "plug" to seal off the air gap between upper & lower teeth. Then when my nose is congested (i.e. allergies or a cold) I could remove the plug and not suffocate. But for now the true test wife is happy.

By paul

Have already recommended to a co worker. She was needing to go on a bipap machine and was waiting and having trouble with insurance paying. Her husband was wearing earplugs and miserable. I told her about how it had helped me and my breathing issues and she decided that what does she have to lose while waiting to play the insurance game. Long story short she saved a ton of money of co pays and sleeps great with her husband happy and not wearing ear plugs any more. She has zero apnic periods now with the mouth piece in. Thanks from myself and spouse plus my coworker.

By Richard

Best product for snoring. First one lasted almost 3 years. Than Reyes a cheaper brand with no luck. Went right back to using SnoreX. No more snoring, wife is Happy Great product

By Jarrod

helpful, Website and branding looks a little aged.

By Anil


By Victoria

Bought this for my husband who has a HUGE problem with snoring (I was at the point of suggesting we sleep in different rooms). We had tried many other devices/solutions and none worked like this - I would recommend to anyone to try it!

By Charles

This product eliminated my spouse-irritating snoring from the first night. A great product and easy to use. Highest recommendation from a happy husband with a happily sleeping wife.

By Paul

A good product that helps me breath while sleeping. Easy to use and set-up. A little uncomfortable and needs a chin strap to hold in place for sleeping duration.Snorex has made a positive difference. THANK YOU Paul Coughlin

By Daniel

My wife said I would rattle the house with my snoring, and most nights she couldn't sleep or had to sleep on the coach, I felt bad everyday I woke up so I did some research and this had the best reviews so I gave it try, little costly but you cant put a price on love . Now I don't snore at all and my wife gets a lot more sleep which happy wife happy life thanks Snorerx


love the design - but I believe the top guard should have more material to secure the upper jaw!

By John

I found snorerx very easy to mold per the instructions on the first try. The mouth piece , after getting used to it is comfortable. Best of all.. my girlfriend rates it 10 stars for no more snoeing!!!

By Kristopher

Great product that really works! I have completely stopped snoring and I feel great the next day.


This device is the best! I had a very expensive, prescription/dentist device that served me well for many years--until my dog ate it! I ordered a number of devices as I was not inclined to spend $3500-$4000 for a new device. While I ordered several, this is the only one that worked at all. It is comfortable in the month, easy to customize, and adjusts easily. I hope these continue to be available to all of us!

By Teresa

Order arrived within a few days. Fitting directions were clear and easy. Stopped my Snoring! Had to adjust from 3 to1 due to soreness of bottom front teeth. Size a bit large for a small woman's mouth. Keeps mouth open so mouth and lips a bit dry and some drooling in the beginning. Overall, it works and discomfort is minor.

By Nicole

So glad we found something that actually works...I can sleeep with my husband again. Very happy...Thanks so much.

By John

This company is honest and does right by their customers. The device is just as they describe it. I prepped it and adjusted it and then slowly broke myself into it. It’s not easy having this in yr mouth all night. I put it on the lowest setting: 1 mm, and it cut down my snoring so that I could sleep through the night w/o waking myself up. In the morning, however, some of my teeth hurt and my gums felt irritated. I had to also push my jaw back into place. The device was subtly pulling on it all night, which is what it’s designed to do. These side effects were annoying but not a show stopper, as the benefits outweigh the inconveniences. I feel more alert and rested thanks to this device. It’s sturdy and it does the job. I’m sure everyone’s experience with it will be unique to them, but if you want to make a serious effort to stop snoring, you should try this. You can’t go wrong. If you hate it, just return it for a refund.

By John

I am very happy that it has worked very effectively to alleviate my snoring, almost completely. But it is uncomfortable. It needs to have a height adjustment. The length is great but it’s kind of thick. That and it makes my teeth feel lose but that is because I grind. Hopefully, it will lessen my grinding over time as well.

By Logan

No more snoring! I was skeptical, but I have to admit the product works exactly as described, for me. And my wife is very happy. I’m not as excited about using it as she is, but I can deal with it. As I expected, it’s slightly irritating to have this thing in my mouth, but not terribly, and not enough to keep me awake. Although I can’t wait to take it out in the morning, I do think it helps me sleep better overall. My wife says I don’t wake up or move around as much at night. I definitely recommend it.

By Philip

SnoreRx is as good as advertised. My wife is the most grateful because my snoring has been eliminated.

By Scott

Stopped my snoring...! better nights sleep it works. Takes a little time to get used to then all is good. Thanks

By Robert

Although takes a little getting used to regarding salivation, the objective evidence via snore lab with scores dropping from 84 to 3 over 1 month of use

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