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By Kiley

My snoring has stopped. Easy to use.

By Flower

This device actually works. It took some getting used to, but as long as I don't sleep on my back, I am a quiet sleeper.

By Evans

Really like the product for camping when a Cpap is not an option


Professional product and high quality (I was previously using a similar device from a competitor). I believe that that ability to adjust the mouthpiece is what sets the SnoreRX apart from similar devices.

By Boevingloh

A lifesaver.

By Crowley

Life changing product. Have not snored or been awaken by my wife punching me in the ribs since the first night trying Snorerx. I also never take the time to write reviews for products... ever. But this thing has been awesome.

By Cole

Great product!!! Can't get a good night's sleep without it!!

By Grover

The Snore RX did everything it said it would do. I found it a bit bulky. I think two or three different sizes might be helpful. I personally think if the front teeth were a bit more exposed while wearing it that might reduce the bulkiness. Overall I do not snore while wearing it. It is reasonably priced and I have recommended to friends and family.

By Haney

Product stops snoring, but it's a little uncomfortable. Take some getting used to.

By king

this is my fourth repeat order -- because the piece eventually will wear-out.

By Eaton

I originally boiled the mouthpiece in stove water and had problems with the mouthpiece separating during the night (Top came off the bottom). I contacted the company and they replaced it. The second mouthpiece placed in microwave boiled water as the representative recommended and the top still came off the bottom during the night after only 2 uses. The old model worked much better but this new one is not good quality.

By Beamer

Comfortable and it really works. The first few days can be painful but when you get past that, the snorerx is great!

By Olmsted

Service was prompt and the product has been reliable.

By Carson

It helps quiet the noise down but very uncomfortable. Hurts the teeth and jaw. Still sleeping in other room. Glad it works for some. Darn had hoped for better results. 👎🏻

By Armour

Happy with it. Wish it was a little narrowed down for a better fit for my mouth. Other wise happy with it.

By Miller

Dry mouth is an issue and sometimes the section for the front teeth gives too much

By Monsigneur


By Hamerstadt

Very nice device...good snug fit and reduces snoring and have had nice sound sleeps throughout the night.

By Frisch

Works to stop snoring for me by shifting the jaw forward. My sleep quality has improved. Takes a little getting used to, but is very easy to fit.

By Miller

I like how compact it is.

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