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By Miller

I like how compact it is.

By Giampietro

No longer snoring. Wife loves it. Feel more energized when I wake up because mild sleep apnea isn't keeping me up throughout the night.

By Richard

Would recommend this product to anyone who snores severely but wants to avoid a c-pap. Both my husband and I are sleeping better. Best investment ever!!

By Kunz

This is an excellent product - high grade quality, sturdy, doesn't lose it's shape, and the adjustable feature is great. REALLY works! a gift to get a good night's sleep.

By Viola


By Picek

This thing actually worked to end my snoring. My wife gets to sleep again while I am much more rested throughout the day. When I had a problem with my second unit bought to replace my first one after almost a year SnoreRx immediately replaced it. Great product and fantastic service.

By Krause

I have tried 2 prior devices and Snorerx is easily the best. It is very durable and comfortable. Adjustable to achieve desired effect.

By Lepkowsky

Good but product is large in One's mouth



By Schley

great customer service - the product did not work for me and I was able to return it for a refund.

By Salani

The new design is comfortable and works well.

By Mead

Will reorder when this one wears out. Love the product.

By Kenn

Good product/value. Does not hold teeth as firmly as fitted mouthpiece from Doctor/dentist, some users may need chinstrap to hold mouth closed.

By Martin

The new and improved is a more comfortable fit. The mouth piece has worked pretty good except a.month ago in Palm Springs. The new one and the old one did not stop the snoring. Not sure why and it spoiled our trip.

By Perry

Good product and website.

By Kublank

This simple and comfortable device was able to stop my snoring and keep my wife from poking me in the ribs multiple times each night. I am sleeping better and feel more rested during the day. I like the fact that you reduced the size of the mouthpiece from the first design. It's more comfortable and easier to breathe through. Thank you for a great product.

By sampson

Web site is a good one.

By Smith

Easy to maneuver, informative

By Edney

Great website and easy to navigate. Fantastic product that works! I do not snore any longer

By Zigouras

the unit starts of being very helpful, however it does commence to deteriorate over a six week period. Maybe it need to a harder material. The air gap could increase from 9 to say 12, as a alternative unit. Otherwise its quite good. Cheers Peter Zigouras

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