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By Freese


By Cook

I like it for the anti-snoring effect. The thing I didn't realize was that the way you hold your jaw when molding it - should be the way your jaw wants to be during the day.... Mine was set too far back - making it hard for my left ear to pop normally...

By Wright

I have had it for a few months. I can tell I sleep better and wake up more alert! Wife is happy too :)


I tried the SnoreRx device. Still snored like a moose. Sent it back and got my refund. I really appreciate the fact that at least I got to try it out. It may work for some people. Not for me. Thanks for trying, SnoreRx. I really do appreciate it.

By Nilsen

The device works really well to prevent my snoring, as long as I sleep on my side. It is good that the device is adjustable, but it is bad that the instructions provide no discussion whatsoever as to how to decide whether adjustments are necessary. I found that the recommended default adjustment of 3 mm did not work for me. Instead, the way my bite is, I found through experimentation with my device, that I really needed to adjust the device for 1 mm. Unfortunately, because I had done my initial fitting with the 3 mm setting, refitting with the 1 mm setting did not work so well. The change between the two fittings was too extreme to be correctly molded. As such, I found that the device only lasted about two months before i managed to bite through the rubber and it no longer worked for me.

By Carver

It's a great product, easy to use and it has worked to reduce the snoring.

By Damico

3 years ago I was recommended a CPAP for mild sleep apnea. In my mind, the speed at which CPAP is recommended only tells me that the medical community has succumbed at it's popularity and stopped exploring other less intrusive options. I prefer looking for simpler solutions. That's why I turned to using a mouthpiece. This is not the first type I tried but I would recommend it. The mouth piece is easy to form and comfortable to wear and as far as I can tell has almost completely eliminated my apnea. I have replaced my SnoreRx mouthpiece 3 times and I will most likely continue to do so.

By Reynolds

Takes a little getting used to, but stops snoring quite well and sleep apnea is helped also

By Karner

I'm on my 4th or 5th device now, in several years, because I tend to grind my teeth at night. It takes a bit of getting used to, but works excellently. My husband says I don't snore! Excellent design.

By Wilson

Helps me sleep!

By Kiley

My snoring has stopped. Easy to use.

By Flower

This device actually works. It took some getting used to, but as long as I don't sleep on my back, I am a quiet sleeper.

By Evans

Really like the product for camping when a Cpap is not an option


Professional product and high quality (I was previously using a similar device from a competitor). I believe that that ability to adjust the mouthpiece is what sets the SnoreRX apart from similar devices.

By Boevingloh

A lifesaver.

By Crowley

Life changing product. Have not snored or been awaken by my wife punching me in the ribs since the first night trying Snorerx. I also never take the time to write reviews for products... ever. But this thing has been awesome.

By Cole

Great product!!! Can't get a good night's sleep without it!!

By Grover

The Snore RX did everything it said it would do. I found it a bit bulky. I think two or three different sizes might be helpful. I personally think if the front teeth were a bit more exposed while wearing it that might reduce the bulkiness. Overall I do not snore while wearing it. It is reasonably priced and I have recommended to friends and family.

By Haney

Product stops snoring, but it's a little uncomfortable. Take some getting used to.

By king

this is my fourth repeat order -- because the piece eventually will wear-out.

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