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By Darren

It fits well in my mouth and I love to be able to adjust the amount of jaw jut. I tried a competitor and must say I prefer not having the tongue strap. I do have the occasional jaw pain, but that can be adjusted away. This is mainly due to clenching.

By David

I’ve tried many different mandibular advancement splints over the years. Most take a long time to get used to and even after several months they’re not very comfortable. Snorerx is the first anti snoring device I’ve used that is comfortable from the first night’s sleep. It’s the only one I use now.

By Bill

Completely stopped my snoring from first night. A few mornings of a slightly sore jaw in the first week or two but nothing serious.

By Jeffrey

Works great and no more snoring

By Kalai

Good product and on time delivery.

By Josh

My snore score went from 49 to 12 literally overnight and dropped to almost zero over a few weeks. As I’ve gotten used to wearing it while sleeping and side sleeping I don’t snore at all now. Better yet I don’t wake myself up anymore and feel good when I wake up. Only down side is a sore jaw in the mornings, and I’m slightly worried about my lower teeth being permanently held forward like braces would do

By Michael

Website is very good. Product seems to work, has stopped the snoring, although I have yet to decide whether the jaw pain every morning is worth it. It is getting a little better.

By Michael

Very efficient delivery service and great products.

By Rudy

Easy to navigate, good ordering process, the order was fulfilled quickly and correctly.

By Jonathan

The SnoreRx works! Since I've been wearing it to bed, I don't snore. Don't take my word for it, just ask my wife who thinks the thing is magic. Also customer service has been great!

By Russell

Extremely professional and timely. The appliance was amazing.i give this experience 5 star fantastic

By nadi

It's amazing 😉

By Kelly

Very effective! The only reason I could not give this product a 5-star rating is that it is a bit bulky for those of us ladies with smaller mouths. I cannot close my mouth all of the way around it so I often (usually) wake I the middle of the night to take it out and drink water, apply chapstick, and then try to go back to sleep (the extra water usually results in waking again later in the night). I am getting reports that I am not snoring at all when I am wearing the device and that is a good thing.

By Pamela

I tried numerous other mouthpieces to help reduce snoring and this one tops my list. Following the directions precisely to fit the device to my mouth was easy and the fact that I could adjust it to my needed bite and jaw requirements was a plus!


The device took a little while to get used to, but I think that it is working. It is a little large for my small mouth, but I have gotten used to it.


Awesome Customer service

By Vincent A

Great product, great service. Would highly recommend.

By Noah

Good customer service. Took a couple of tries to fit it properly

By Larry

Works great.

By Mark

Received the snorex quickly. This my 3rd one and they last along time. The issue i have is sometimes when i bite down a little it moves out of adjustment. This didn't happen with the first one, but happened with the 2nd and is happening with this one also.

By Erica

Stopped my snoring completely. I feel like I'm getting better sleep as well. My husband sure is...there were nights he'd sleep in the guest room bc of my snoring. Only thing is my jaw is quite sore the next morning for a couple of hours. It can be quite bothersome. I still wear my SnoreRX every now got tho. I figure a better night sleep w my husband at my side is worth the pain!

By Edward

After getting used to wearing it (about a week or so), my 'snore score' on the app I use went from 81% to 8%! Even that is because I occasionally spit it out during sleep. Absolutely amazing and I highly recommend!

By Michael

It works incredibly well for me. I'm amazed and impressed. Thank you.

By Randall

Effective, comfortable, and easy to use.

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