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By Robert

I’ve been using this for a couple of months now. I have to say It works! I also believe my headaches were related to my snoring. The frequency of which I’ve been getting them are cut way down from 1 a week to maybe 1 every 2 months and that might be caffeine related. I have experienced most of the “side effects” except the teeth shifting. However my jaw in the morning feels like it has a major underbite which goes away within the hour. I bought the 2 pack deal and will be buying this again when needed. I love the ability to adjust the mouth piece. This is the first snoring preventive product I bought so I can't compare but I’m very happy that I don’t need a CPAP machine!

By Gary

Simply the best snoring solution I have found. Very well made.

By James

It has significantly reduced my snoring/apnea. only issue I have is that some nights, it falls out of adjustment by morning. I can readjust before the next evening, but it would be nice if it stayed adjusted a little more securely.

By Robert

Works great!

By Diane

Easy to follow instructions and it works!

By Denis

It works so well that my wife actually checked to see if I was still breathing. Takes very little time to adjust to this product and it works.

By Rodricus


By Carol

The snorerx worked the very first night. My husband was totally amazed as this was the first night in a long time that he got a good night sleep. I haven't tried another snoring device and will definitely order again when needed. Carol

By Herb

works as described, had issue with first one, customer service sent me a replacement

By Timothy

I'm not sure exactly how it works, but my wife says it works well!

By Jeremy

It has completely eliminated my snoring. It does cause some jaw soreness in the morning, but that goes away quickly if you chew some gum in the morning. The soreness becomes less over time as well.

By Paul

All personnel I have had contact with have been excellent. I wish the product was better, but I haven't found anything better to date.

By Charles

Excellent product. Snoring has ceased and I and my wife are sleeping the night through..I'm no longer using my CPAP for OSA. I used a different brand mouthpiece a couple of years ago that was unsatisfactory because it was too small and would dislodge during sleep but SnoreRx is larger and I have not had that problem. It consistently holds my jaw forward to eliminate obstruction.

By Thomas

Works to keep the air way open helps with snoring and sleep apneia by keeping an air way. Takes awile to get used to and will make your jaw sore but to me it was worth it.

By Hal


By Albert

Seems to be working for me. My wife also like SnoreRx. My only complaint is that the my devise does not stay in the selected number.

By Carl

I have used a couple of different brands over the years but I find SnoreRx to be superior in quality of material and design. This device is relatively comfortable and does not wake me up during the night (as one of my former devices). The only issues I have is that I do have to keep a glass of water beside the bed for when my mouth gets dry, and, the cost, it is the most expensive device out there.

By Andrew

It works great to stop the snoring, works by far better than anything else I have tried. But, and this is a big but, when you use this your mouth will be open all night long, the opening rushes air across the top of your tongue which results in the driest mouth you could ever imagine, so dry your tongue feels like it has been mummified.

By Jon

it works

By Darel

Great product does what it claims. It does take a few days to get used to.

By Jesus

Day one I stopped snoring, I feel energetic because I can sleep good. Love it, hope it lasts.

By Roger

Took awhile to get used to the mouthpiece in position...but the results are fantastic !!!

By Zeb

Order was easy and fast!

By Steven

Easy transaction. Tried many different devices. Tongue retainers, non adjustable jaw advancement devices etc. Snorerx is the only one that actually made my snoring tolerable. My wife actually sleeps in the same room as me again. I may have a little snoring here and there but its 100% improvement frim what it was.

By Matt finnigan

Have tried other brands. This is superior by far

By Jason

I am sleeping better. I checked with my wife (who often puts a hoof in my side when I do snore) and she is reporting minimal to NO snoring anymore. I can't be 100% sure but I think the bags under my eyes (I'm 44 years old) seem to be reduced too. Upon initial use I did have some vivid dreams I was in the ring with Apollo Creed but those have subsided.

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