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By Christy

Awesome experience, product info was very clear and concise. Excellent product, while it has not cured my snoring completely, it has made it almost non-existent and my wife can now sleep uninterrupted.

By Malles

I was in snore denial until my wife recorded me one night, and I couldn't believe how loud I was. I took pity on her and began my search of something to alleviate my snoring. I tried nose strips, contoured pillows, nothing seemed to work. Until Snorerx. Fitting is very simple, and the ability to adjust the mouthpiece is key in what sets them apart from the competition. My wife says it has all but eliminated my snoring. As some of the other review state, it takes a little while to get used to it, and it did make my jaw sore for the first week or so, but now it is fine. I put in in at night and take it out in the morning like clockwork, and I get a much better sleep than I did before. I think my snoring was actually waking me up multiple times and I didn't even realize it. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to squash the snoring.

By Miller

First time I've been able to sleep w my now non snoring husband in a long time. Thank you

By Cipolla

Easy to use website, very clear information, fast shipping and excellent customer service.

By Baca

I spent a lot of money trying different cheaper alternatives, even some of the more expensive ones but none measured up to this one. I recommend it 100%. Best sleep I've gotten in years.

By Weissman

It worked well

By Lynn

I'm the snorer so my husband said he loves it!!!!! So, so do I.

By Weber

Works great,worth the money spent

By Karaoglanian

It is uncomfortable at first but you get use to it, seems like it works OK it does not eliminate total snoring issues but does reduce it significantly.

By Buono

Worked well from the first night . My wife said it was the best thing I ever bought .!


Actually works! Wife and I can sleep in the same bed without her destroying my ribs!

By Dyer

Great Product! I sleep so much better. It comes out of adjustment at times. But overall I love it. Sure beats using a CPAP!

By Henderson

My wife loves it... Need I say more....

By Lowe

I was skeptical any product would really work. My dentist was going to charge me $ 2,100 for a custom made mouth piece to stop the snoring but to my amazement the snorerx mouth guard worked from day one. It is easy to boil and mold to your teeth, easy to adjust and easy to wear at night. Now my new husband sleeps soundly. I recommend this for anyone who snores !

By Miller

Very Helpful. sometimes the aluminum brace pokes through and pinches my tongue. If that could be a hair shorter it probably would not be an issue

By simon

No problems.

By Cunningham

This product is magical. I can sleep again. Thanks

By Rosenberg

Product has stopped my snoring and now allows me to sleep in the same bed with my wife again. Mission accomplished.

By Qua

Life saver!

By Stadter

I tried it after using PureSleep for several years. Read the reviews, decided, why not? It is much easier to fit than PureSleep product. Item is still too big for my jaw, but use it most every night. No snoring when used. Hubby happy, he needs one.

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