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By Deborah

Awesome customer service. My first Snorerx had an issue around day 20 with the fit becoming loose on the top. I think I must have been grinding my teeth because the back inside sections on top flattened out. I could not do the impression again as it was just too flat. I called customer service and they arranged for me to send back my unit and sent me a new one. All happened within one week! Now I am looking forward to getting the new one going and begin sleeping again! This company is really top notch!!! Highly recommend trying them out!

By David

My wife is very thankful that I purchased SnoreRx. She will not let me go to bed without it, because it actually works.

By Michael

Product seems to work pretty well. ordering and delivery were as promised.

By Sam

Easy to setup, and it worked. My wife is not complaining any more.

By Lorrin

I've tried other snore gaurds in the past, including Zyppah, and this is my favorite. I like how you can adjust the bottom for comfort. I keep a bottle of water by my bed and I like that I don't have to take the snore gaurd out to drink. I would buy again.

By Mark

Informative and easy to use.

By Brock

It's been very effective. Bed-partner approved.

By Shawn

The product works like a champ, there is some getting used to the unit in your mouth. I experienced some slight discomfort teeth/jaw, nothing major but noticeable.

By Vicki

I had been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea due to my lower jaw being set back, which caused my tongue to slip back while sleeping. The device has totally corrected that. I rarely wake up during the night and my husband has stopped using earplugs. Thank you so much for making this device!!

By Joseph

it works

By Joshua


By Charles

Works as well or better than my $1500 custom fitted and made snore/bruxism mouthpiece made by my DDS. Although I do not expect it to last the 8 yrs that the custom one did, even a 6 month duration will be great.

By Carrie

This device saved our cruise for my husband and I. We don't normally share a bedroom because of my snoring. Knowing that we would have to share a stateroom, I was desperate to find something that would stop the nightly "snore fest". Snorerx did the trick! No snoring from me - it made our cruise perfect.

By Ray

They were responsive to a previous problem I had with my first order; I was so impressed; with the way they handled it, I immediately ordered two more and they shipped them right away. I cannot say enough good things about them.

By Darren

It just works. Makes such a difference. The first few days it feels like sleeping with a lego set in your mouth, within a week you dont notice its there and the snoring has just stopped.

By Hervin

It works!

By David

Works great according to my wife

By Brian

Very happy!

By Artie

Easy to understand, very helpful

By Katie

I have tried many mouth appliances and this one works the best and is the most comfortable. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who snores.

By David

This works better that a dental appliance I got from my dentist and payed over 2000 dollars for. I am sold on your product. I am going to get one for my wife and daughter.

By James

Helped enormously to reduce my amount and intensity of snoring.

By Sonja

This appliance does reduce me snoring significantly. The only issue I have is that it is so large that my inner lips are raw in the morning from trying to keep my lips closed, or just from my lips moving through the night. A thinner version would be more comfortable. Please let me know if a thinner design is ever produced.

By Michael

It was shipped quickly, I think it arrived a day early. So...that was awesome. The first few nights were uncomfortable, and I only wore it a couple of hours per night...but it definitely stopped the snoring. At this point, I'm still using it on the original setting, and my jaw has adjusted and it doesn't bother me too much at all. However, that is a secondary concern for me. My wife has assured me that I have stopped snoring when I wear the SnoreRx. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

By Bernard

Easy to navigate

By Jason

It took a few nights to get comfortable with it. It worked. No more keeping my wife up. After removing device takes about 10-15 minutes to get teeth and jaw back in comfortable alignment. It is adjustable and I had to make on or two to get it just right.

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