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By Jane

We bought the snorex in nov'17 and it worked very well! We are able to sleep in the same bed uninterrupted! Very happy 👍

By Salim

very good

By Tom

I have had 3 different snoring mouth guards over the past few years and this one is by far the most comfortable of all. It seems to work pretty good so far. I have not found one yet that completely stops the snoring all night long. The only complaint I have is that the setting can change easy. You have to be careful while cleaning it to check the setting and don't drop it as it will change for sure. Other then that I am very happy with it so far. I'll let you know how things go in the future with SnoreRx

By Dale

It seems to work pretty well, the thing I have a problem with is keeping the setting. I set it and the next morning it has moved off of that setting.

By Julian

SO far REALLY good. Taken me a while to get used to it, but the important thing is the 'trouble and strife' says I am not snoring. I have used it on the 1st setting. 4/5 now, 5/5 in 6 months

By Mark

Excellent product. This is my second SnoreRx appliance and I have been very happy with its effectiveness and its reasonable cost. I wish it could be made slightly thinner but, as is, it is not tremendously intrusive. I do not find that it interrupts my sleep at all. Certainly more comfortable than a CPAP machine.

By Charles

Easy to navigate

By Marcie


By Jon

If appliances work for this is pretty good. Adjustments and the boil and mold fit make it better than the other one I tried zquiet

By Mark

It really works. But could be streamlined a bit more. It does require a few hours to get use to. Also I missed centering it in my mouth. I will need to reorder.

By Nigel

Designing a device like this must be extremely difficult given the huge variety of dental and gum configurations , but this unit appears to have achieved the seemingly impossible and I no hesitation in recommending it to other people who subject friends and family to the horrors of an habitual snorer as I believe it works .

By Peter

Snoring stopped immediately and my wife is very happy! My only issue is my teeth are a little sore in the morning. Other wise very satisfied.

By Patricia

This is the third anti-snoring device that I have purchased and the first one that has worked! I guess the third time really is the charm!

By Gina

It takes several days to get used to it but it did eliminate my snoring and help reduce jaw clenching. It would be a perfect product if they offered a less bulky alternative for women.

By Jose


By Steve

Cured my snoring almost 100%, now just heavy breathing. I now wake up refreshed everyday.

By Marc

Thank you SnoreRx. I am very pleased with SnoreRx. You will not regret purchasing!

By James

I've had a long time struggle with sleep apnea. My wife must have liked me to put up with the disruptions in her sleep plus worrying about me just stopping breathing. I think the Snorex product is a good one. It fit comfortably almost right away and it did it's primary job of increasing air flow to reduce snoring. It stays in most nights and I actually like having it in. I still wake myself up through some snoring but I can relax more quickly with the Snorex device. I'm pleased with it and am grateful it can help me and my wife have better sleeps. Since we are both teachers rest and good sleeps are paramount. Thanks for your good product. Jim Scully Novelty, OH

By Kevin

So far this is the best snore guard I have tried and I've tried quite a few. It stops almost all of the snoring and I feel more rested in the morning.

By James

My wife loves it too. We both sleep through the night.

By Brian

Works well. The best over the counter mouth piece I have had. Just need to improve the sliding of the mouth piece. Moves off of setting 3 real easy.

By Russell

The product works well but is a bit large. It forces my mouth to be open a little. I m 6’3” with an average sized mouth.

By Daniel

Solved my snoring the first night. I can’t believe it actually works. So happy.

By Dan

This was the third different device I tried, and by far was the best. The first didn't last more than a couple of months. The second was impossible to adjust and was not comfortable at all. The snore RX fit and comfort is fantastic. It also appears to be made very durable and will last a long time. Super pleased with everything about it. Dan

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