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By Pete

This device stopped my snoring after some minor adjustment. It even works when I'm on my back. I can't use it all night, so I take it out after a couple of hours but it seems like the snoring only occurs early in the night when I'm falling asleep. I'll continue to use it.

By Richard

Great product! Stopped my snoring entirely and immediately! Practically a miracle!

By Rick

While snoreRx works, it is very uncomfortable. But it does work. I would recommend. When molding mout piece I didn't get it right the first so I did it a second time. This might be part of my problem with the comfort.

By Douglas

Helped immediately. Only concern is that the fit is a bit tight.

By Bennie

It could be a little thinner in thickness

By Brint

Works well after getting over my initial gag reflex, which I have worse than most.

By Joseph

Worked immediately-- what a difference! Very pleased!

By Mark

This product actually does work. I sleep through the night now and my wife tells me that I no longer snore. The only reason that I did not give it 5 stars is that in a perfect world I would not have to use such a device to get a snore-free, peaceful night of sleep. However, the device is comfortable and adjustable and it does work.

By matt

perfect!! excellent appliance!

By Nicholas

Great service and responsive customer service!!

By Janaya

It is amazing. Easily the best money I have ever spent.

By ron

i haven't seen the website, just the advertisements. I'm not one to normally order from an ad, however, I'm so glad I did because it's truly amazing. Ron Williams President CEO Founder Cablz Inc. 205.908.5753

By Jennifer

This works for my husband. He does not snore when he has this mouth piece on. It stays in place 99% of the time and he feels comfortable sleeping in it. I can finally sleep!! Thank you!

By James

First product that has worked. My wife can sleep in the same room. It took a few days for my teeth and jaw to get used to the device, but not bad at all. We're getting more sleep, It's pretty unobtrusive to me during the night, now I'm used to it. Note the cleaning directions, it quickly gets funky just brushing with toothpaste. They make recommendations..

By Steve

I've used this product for about 2 months and believe it to be effective in eliminating / reducing snoring. It is more comfortable to wear than competing products.

By Ralph

Works well, a little uncomfortable.

By Carlos

It stopped my snoring immediately, but sometimes my jaw hurts when I wake up.

By Jerome


By Jay

The ordering process on the website is less then perfect. The mouthpiece took a couple nights to get used to but worked very well. I used to keep my wife awake with my snoring and she kept waking me to tell me to roll over. From the first night with SNORERx I have not snored at all. My wife would give SNORERx 6 stars. It REALLY works!

By Alberto

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