How SnoreRx Works.

SnoreRx gently props your jaw forward to keep your airway clear so that you can breathe peacefully while you sleep.

Before SnoreRx

Snoring is the embarrassing and annoying sound that happens when air is forced past the collapsed muscles in your throat. The muscles in this area relax when you sleep, and this can close off your airways and make it difficult to breathe.

Personalized to Your Bite.

SnoreRx uses the 'boil and bite' process to create a custom impression of the teeth.

Step 1

Boil Cup of Water

Bring a cup of water to a full boil using a microwave.

Step 2

Place in a Cup of Water

Place SnoreRx into the cup of hot water for 60 seconds.

Step 3

Set Custom Impression

Bite down firmly into SnoreRx to create your impression.

How to Adjust SnoreRx

SnoreRx is the only anti-snoring device that lets you adjust it with clinical precision for the most effective function.

Advance your SnoreRx by one millimeter as needed at any time. We recommend you start using SnoreRx at the original 1-millimeter setting and adjust it by one millimeter every 2–3 nights until the snoring stops.

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Sleep in quiet and comfort.

You don't have to choose between sleeping quietly and sleeping comfortably. With its slim and lightweight design, SnoreRx lets you do both.

SnoreRx delivers a perfect fit so that you can rest easy. The custom fitting process ensures that your device stays snugly in place while you sleep.


Satisfied Customers

Over 90% of users have reported positive results when using SnoreRx to help them get a better night's rest.

Edwin 5 out of 5 stars

I have always had a great experience with SnoreRX. Over the past twelve years I've always had good experiences with SnoreRX. This is the only snoring product that I would consider buying and as you see twelve years with something that truly works.

Phyllis 5 out of 5 stars

I have really liked this product and I have recommended it to a few of my friends and I want to say thank you for a simple and inexpensive way to solve my snoring problem. My family says I no longer snore happy nights thanks again.

Silence the snore with SnoreRx.

Get a good night's rest with the help of SnoreRx, a custom-fitted mandibular advancement device (MAD) that gently props your jaw forward so you can breathe quietly and comfortably

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We are confident SnoreRx will work for you. That's why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • 30 Night moneyback guarantee
  • Dental Lab Quality Design
  • Made in USA