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The original custom-fitted adjustable anti-snoring device. SnoreRx props your jaw forward to open your airway and prevent snoring. Fitting handle included.
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Customized to your bite Customized to your bite
Fully adjustable Fully adjustable
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The anti-snoring solution trusted by thousands

Silence the snore with SnoreRx, the original adjustable mandibular advancement device.

Customized to Your Bite

SnoreRx's proprietary Thermal Matrix® material helps you create the perfect fit. The result? A lightweight anti-snoring device that stays put and lets you sleep in comfort.

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Fully Adjustable

SnoreRx is a one-of-a-kind anti-snoring device because it's the only one that lets you adjust it with clinical precision for the most effective function.

Advance your SnoreRx by one millimeter as needed at any time. We recommend you start using SnoreRx at the original 1-millimeter setting and adjust it by one millimeter every 2-3 nights until the snoring stops.


You don't have to choose between sleeping quietly and sleeping comfortably. With its slim and lightweight design, SnoreRx lets you do both.

The boil-and-bite fitting process allows you to create a custom impression of your teeth on the device so that it stays snugly in place while you sleep. This simple five-minute fitting process helps you customize your device and (finally) enjoy a good night's rest.

Stop the snore, or your money back.

We offer our 30-Night 100% Money-Back Guarantee when you purchase SnoreRx from our website at Try SnoreRx risk free for 30 nights to see if it works for you.

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SnoreRx Reviews

Discover why SnoreRx is “life-changing.”

Joseph5 out of 5 stars

As of late I had been waking up my wife many times a night. Started looking for some solutions, and saw this one several times in my search, but seemed too good to be true. It is effective. When I remember to wear it, I don't snore, which leads to...

Roger H.4 out of 5 stars

Very happy with the guard. I'm going to need another one to leave at the girlfriend's place loll

James5 out of 5 stars

I had forgot what a good nights sleep was like until I started using SnoreRx. I am able to actually wake up in the morning without feeling exhausted. My wife also doesn't have to sleep with earplugs anymore. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!

Tom M.5 out of 5 stars

Worked great! My wife really enjoyed that I used it...until our dog got a hold of it. Now that it's gone, my wife is certain it's the only thing that has ever managed my snoring. We'll be ordering another.

Mollie M.3 out of 5 stars

Customer service was excellent in helping me return this, bc unfortunately it was no match for my teeth grinding. I would wake up every morning with it in two pieces somewhere in my bed.

Stacy W.5 out of 5 stars

It took some figuring out but I am SO HAPPY with this product! Thank you!

Jay J.5 out of 5 stars

Works great

Logan2 out of 5 stars

It didn't stop the snoring or reduce it and it was extremely uncomfortable

Stace P.5 out of 5 stars

I spent years being embarrassed about my snoring. I didn't have high hopes of anything working when I found SnoreRx. Because it had a money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose. Boy was I impressed! My husband was so used to my snoring that he h...

Kris M.5 out of 5 stars

Really helps with my Snoring.