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It works, but it comes with drawbacks. I use this in the original factory position and my wife says it is working. I find my jaw muscles feel a bit tight throughout the day and overall my mouth doesn't feel the same. My lips also can't close when I use it, so I tend to wake up with dry lips in the morning. I tried extending my jaw position out one notch and the jaw pain was much, much worse. I don't know how it's even possible people can go further out than the original position. It seems like it would definitely cause overbite issues with extended use. I still use it. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. I'm glad my snoring is better. I don't love the after effects it has on my mouth throughout the day. They're tolerable, but not great.


Been using for years and works great! I wake up much better rested and no snoring all night. Recommend fully


So far works great for both of us.


It Works!


I like the Plus model best but all of the SnoreRx products have worked very well for me.


This product WORKS! The setting process took a little bit of finagling and I had to return the first one because my bite impression was misaligned, but the company handled my return perfectly and sent a new one out to me in just a few days. I suffer from obstructive sleep apnea but with this device I can sleep all through the night and my partner tells me I don't snore at all anymore. It causes some minor jaw discomfort in the morning but my jaw and my bite go back to normal after about 15 minutes of stretching.


I have been using SnoreRX for twelve years and I’ve found it to be extremely effective. Of course I have replaced them over time. I must say the SnoreRX not only keeps me from snoring but helps me get a good nights rest. My wife will tell me make sure you have your SnoreRX as we leave home on a trip I have several to avoid forgetting it when I travel. Just try it and you’ll tell yourself I wish I’d found out about SnoreRX years ago. Advice keep it clean with water, toothbrush and mild soap (not toothpaste) and/or denture tablets for extra cleaning. Hope this helps you and enjoy a great nights rest.


Did not work for me.


Even with a CPAP, I still had an AHI of 10~15. After one month of using SnoreRX Plus, the AHI has dropped to less than 5.


Design was great in terms of user simplicity.

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