SnoreRx Star Rating
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Ensuring your Safety

Rest at easing using a superior patented safety design that exceeds Medicare design standards. There are no small parts to accidentally swallow or metal hardware to chip teeth while sleeping.

Guaranteed Comfort

Every person has a unique bite and jaw. SnoreRx is the only appliance that allows you to dial in your optimal comfort setting in 1 millimeter increments so you may sleep comfortably through the night.

Custom Comfort Impression

SnoreRx delivers a thermal fit impression similar to custom dental lab quality products for unsurpassed comfort.

Quality that Delivers

Premium medical grade copolymers and Best in Class dental lab quality design deliver long-lasting performance that guarantees to stop snoring.

SnoreRx is the only oral appliance available that offers calibration in 1 millimeter increments, or Jaw Advancement Calibration. Overextension of the jaw has been clinically shown to cause TMJ and pain. Selecting an oral appliance that does not offer jaw advancement calibration capability may prove to be hazardous to your health and lead to TMJ. The custom thermal impression prevents tooth movement over time.

  •   Ensure against painful jaw pain known as TMJ
  •   Eliminate danger of suffocation by maintaining an open airway
  •   Prevent ligament damage
  •   Enjoy maximum comfort

SnoreRx Device side view

SnoreRx is designed to deliver a custom impression. A custom impression of the patient's teeth is critical to distribute the pressure evenly to prevent teeth movement.

  •   Maximize comfort
  •   Ensure your oral appliance stays in place while you sleep
  •   Avoid tooth movement over time
  •   Distribute the torsion over many teeth

"It is critical for an oral appliance to be custom fitted to the individual patient to ensure that tooth movement does not occur over time. SnoreRx, like custom dental lab oral appliances, offers this essential feature."

Dr. Robert L. Mandell, DMD

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