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Professional Design

SnoreRx is designed, engineered, and manufactured in California. All components are made from premium copolymer materials and is latex free.

Safe to Use

SnoreRx is cleared by the FDA for the reduction of snoring. Its unique design allows it to be calibrated without the use of any moving parts or metal hardware of any kind.

Custom Impression

SnoreRx takes a custom impression of your teeth using the ‘boil and bite’ process to ensure a proper fit.


Precise calibration in 1 millimeter increments allows advancement of the lower jaw to open the airway and allow air to freely move during sleep. Calibration can be re-adjusted safely at any time for a comfortable setting.

Fully Adjustable in 1 Millimeter Increments.
SnoreRx is the only oral appliance available that offers calibration in 1 millimeter increments at any time to achieve a comfortable fit.

Image of a black SnoreRx emblem of a moon and stars surrounded by the words 30 nights risk free satisfaction guarantee
Try SnoreRx for 30 nights risk free. If you are not satisfied with it for any reason, simply return the device for a refund.

By Malkahn

You know how I know it works? Because when i wake up the wife is still in bed with me. And believe me, I snore so loud she says it's disrespectful🤣🤣🤣🤣

By Michelle

This product is a AMAZING!! My husband became a terrible snorer and I cannot sleep because of it. His snoring was so bad that I would kick him out to sleep on the couch every night (it wasn’t good for either one of us). This product works, sometimes if he rolls on his back he will snore a little bit but then I tell him to roll on his side and he stops. Please please please if you are contemplating buying this product, BUY IT!!!!!!!!!

By Steve

Snore RX has reduced my snoring. I was using the SnoreLab app and I went from a snore score around 70-80 to about 35. Now it's just darth vader breathing instead of window rattling snorting. The only drawback is tooth-pain/jaw muscle soreness from my jaw being held in an "advanced" position all night so I have to take a break from wearing it every couple of days. The 3mm setting seems to work best for me.

By Euclid

I have been using it for a month and my wife loves it. Meaning she is sleeping and I have been sleeping better. It took a few days getting used too.

By David

This product will stop palate snoring as claimed. It is still possible to make noise through the nasal cavity though, which is typically quieter. Product was easy to form and fit with simple instructions. It was great for the first three weeks, then something happened while asleep to aggravate TMJ on one side so I have had to stop using it for the time being. The website warns this can happen so it wasn't a surprise. Truth be told, the soreness I have may have happened regardless, but it is slowly going away. This is the only product of its type that I have used so I can't make a fair comparison to anything else. If you can rattle the windows at night, you should try it for yourself.

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