SnoreRx Star Rating
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Professional Design

SnoreRx is designed, engineered, and manufactured in California. All components are made from premium copolymer materials and is latex free.

Safe to Use

SnoreRx is cleared by the FDA for the reduction of snoring. Its unique design allows it to be calibrated without the use of any moving parts or metal hardware of any kind.

Custom Impression

SnoreRx takes a custom impression of your teeth using the ‘boil and bite’ process to ensure a proper fit.


Precise calibration in 1 millimeter increments allows advancement of the lower jaw to open the airway and allow air to freely move during sleep. Calibration can be re-adjusted safely at any time for a comfortable setting.

By David

My wife is very thankful that I purchased SnoreRx. She will not let me go to bed without it, because it actually works.

By Michael

Product seems to work pretty well. ordering and delivery were as promised.

By Sam

Easy to setup, and it worked. My wife is not complaining any more.

By Lorrin

I've tried other snore gaurds in the past, including Zyppah, and this is my favorite. I like how you can adjust the bottom for comfort. I keep a bottle of water by my bed and I like that I don't have to take the snore gaurd out to drink. I would buy again.

By Mark

Informative and easy to use.

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