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Professional Design

SnoreRx is designed, engineered, and manufactured in California. All components are made from premium copolymer materials and is latex free.

Safe to Use

SnoreRx is cleared by the FDA for the reduction of snoring. Its unique design allows it to be calibrated without the use of any moving parts or metal hardware of any kind.

Custom Impression

SnoreRx takes a custom impression of your teeth using the ‘boil and bite’ process to ensure a proper fit.


Precise calibration in 1 millimeter increments allows advancement of the lower jaw to open the airway and allow air to freely move during sleep. Calibration can be re-adjusted safely at any time for a comfortable setting.

By Richard

The best and product that works


best thing ever

By Jermaine

I am (as well as my wife) are blown away by how much SnoreRx has alleviated my snoring. This IS a legitimate review of the SnoreRx and not a random review from the makers of the SnoreRx. The funniest comment so far is having to be checked if I was actually breathing while asleep. I can't thank you all enough for making a product which has solved a lifelong problem. J. Truesdale

By Jeffrey

Years ago, I had the earlier design Snorex, which was bulky in my mouth and irritated my cheeks and lips. This newer design is perfect! Fits nicely, without the bulk. Easy to put in and take out. Easy to clean. I'm sleeping really well now.

By Eddie

Was everything it claimed to be. Snoring went from "EPIC" on a snoring app chart to virtually nothing. I am not a mouth breather. The only thing I did not expect is even though my mouth closed and while I am awake I can close my lips...the separation naturally forced my lips apart so I'm told this makes a "wsssshing" sound sometimes. And the makes my tongue dry. An improvement to the product for non-mouth breathers would be to invent some sort of removable "plug" to seal off the air gap between upper & lower teeth. Then when my nose is congested (i.e. allergies or a cold) I could remove the plug and not suffocate. But for now the true test wife is happy.

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