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felt too big for my mouth. My husband said that it pretty much stopped my snoring, but even after 2 full weeks of use it didn't feel comfortable in my mouth. Customer service was great, return was easy, and money was refunded very quickly.


The product I purchased works better than I expected. Now both me and my wife get a good nights sleep. I think the benefits the devise provides far out weighs the cost of the produce, which is not excessive. Well worth the purchase!!!


Initially when doing my indent, my bottom teeth went into the wrong place and I did not realise this. Then when I tried it out, it kept my mouth open wide which was uncomfortable and it did not work as my bottom jaw slipped out. I gave up for a while, but then I wanted to try again. That is when I noticed that the bottom teeth had been indented in the wrong place. After another attempt which seemed to indent properly, the product started to be effective. It is still uncomfortable somewhat and my lips get dry but it has helped with reducing the noise, apart from if I move onto my back.


Excellent product


Magic! Eliminated my loud snoring, except if I try to sleep in my back. I’m getting a better night’s sleep using the lowest recommended setting — and so is my partner. Great investment, completely worth it!


It works.


I had a custom made snore guard which cost me a lot of money and over time stopped working. When my periodontist recommended SnoreRX, I thought why not try it. This snore guard is AMAZING!!! I started out with the low setting and adjusted it as I needed to. The first night my husband woke me up because I was so quiet and he wanted to make sure that I was ok. 😃 I will admit that the first couple of nights do take a little getting use to. Also I went away for a couple of days and forgot my snore guard and when I came back I did find that I needed to get use to it again, so I don't recommend not using it for extended periods of time. Overall, I feel better in the morning and my husband is also getting a great sleep.


Works for the most part, have had a number of nights where snoring was still an issue.


I got this because I have high blood pressure but no real reason for it. I'm younger (43) fit, eat healthy, etc. I wasn't happy with the diagnosis of "just having it" and finally found a holistic doctor that asked about my sleep habits. She wanted me to get a sleep apnea test because poor sleep can lead to a lack of stimulating the vagus nerve which in tern can lead to high blood pressure. My insurance ran out and testing was going to cost me $300 a night and then if I got a mouthpiece from a dentist it was going to cost around $2000!!! I'm fed up with the medical industry and the expense so I researched alternatives and came across this. I decided to give it a try and I'm thrilled with the results. Before using this I was on 4 different Blood pressure meds, one of which I took 2 times a day and my blood pressure was still regularly in the 140/100 range. After over a month of use I am sleeping better and am down to 2 medications 1 time/day and my blood pressure hovers around 120/80. I couldn't be happier! I tell anyone who will listen! All most doctors want to do is give you more and more medication without looking at the root causes.


This is most comfortable mouth piece for the snoring. However it have option to remold only 1 or 2 times which is the only drawback I noticed