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This is the only thing that keeps my husband from snoring and believe me I've tried everything on the market. And I don't mind paying for a great night sleep for both of us.


It works. My husband didn't want to share a bed with me I snored so much. I'm happy to report we are back together again!


This product works for me quite well and my wife thanks you when used as instructed.


Fantastic product! I've tried a number of different snore guards and this is far and away the best! Design, fit and quality head and shoulders above the rest and eliminated my snoring!


Easy to use and set for the mould. My husband will finally be able to get a good night's sleep without having to elbow me awake because of my snoring! So glad I found this product!


This product has made me so happy! My husband's snoring has really increased and he said he'll try anything to help me get a good night's sleep. It was a little pricier than I was expecting, but there's a lot more to it that what I pictured also. It is worth the money for sure. He no longer snores at all if he's wearing the SnoreRx. I'm finally getting a good night sleep! Now that he is adjusting to wearing it, I think his quality of sleep is better too. I would recommend this product!


The device worked for me.  Now I can sleep in the same room as my wife.  I found it comfortable and easy to sleep with. So far I am pleased with the product.


I have benefited greatly from this device in that I sleep better and so does my wife. I definitely recommend this and have to friends who have mentioned snoring issues.


Lifesaver. My husband has tried them all. SnoreRx Plus stops his snoring and is comfortable for him.


this product exceeded my expectations. I have had a custom fit appliance previously and the SnoreRx; works very close to my Dentist Custom fit one as a fraction of the cost.


Helps me to reduce snoring.


In a perfect world, I wouldn't have confirmed sleep apnea and if I did, a CPAP machine would solve all my problems. But this is not a perfect world and I cannot tolerate a CPAP or BIPAP machines so I could just die in my sleep. While I am waiting to be evaluated for a professionally-fitted appliance and/or surgical solution, I tried a couple of do-it-yourself appliances. The first one that I tried was a one-piece unit and my top and bottom teeth both were molded into it similarly to the SnoreRX. However, because it was one piece, it was not adjustable and I had to kind of clench my jaw shut all night for it to be effective. The SnoreRX is an adjustable two-piece unit which means that my jaw can be open much further than with a one-piece unit. And since it is adjustable, I can play with it to find a setting which keeps my airway open while not being painful because I've pushed my bottom jaw too far forward.


Shipping was prompt! Disappointed in product ability to form at tip of tongue left a very jagged edge causing much irritation! Return policy was on point and not an issue! Frankly a little surprised it took so long to see why I returned it ! Hopefully this was just an isolated instance the concept is good but I finally had to reach out to my dentist to be professionally fit


No snoring whatsoever reported by my wife beginning the first night I used it. I was used to wearing an upper mouth guard, and had no difficulty wearing the SnoreRx all night. I have had some mild, intermittent discomfort in my left TMJ.


So far works great for both of us.


still snore......overprice......


My dentist made one of these for me about 10 years ago and it finally fell apart and I needed a new version. After much research, I chose the SnoreX product. Much more reasonably sized to my mouth, soft and comfortable, amazingly easy to adjust with no tools, fits like a glove, cleans up quickly, and it is a lifesaver in my marriage.


It works well but I had a different one and it was hinged so if you opened your mouth it moved with you mouth. both worked I am still trying to figure which is best.


This products has changed my life and I'm not even the one that needs it. My husband snores horribly, not a light snorer, more like a jet plane sitting in your bedroom. I was only sleeping a few hours a night and after years of this he had started sleeping in another room. The first night he used it I didn't have any high hopes but I was shocked that I didn't wake up until 5:30 am. He doesn't have to sleep in another room, we are both sleeping and I am glad that he is breathing better during the night. Thanks for a product that finally works. Great job!


I absolutely love this device! Easy to use and works great!