SnoreRx Plus
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SnoreRx Plus

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The latest addition to the SnoreRx family brings a best-in-class snoring solution. Fitting handle included.

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The Most Advanced Solution for Snoring

Our latest innovation. SnoreRx Plus features full vertical movement to deliver superior comfort and effectiveness so you get a better night's rest. With its micro-adjustability and thermal matrix design, you'll sleep comfortably throughout the night.

SnoreRx Plus micro adjustability

Fully Adjustable in 1 mm Increments with Micro Fit®

SnoreRx Plus uses Micro Fit® can be adjusted in 1 millimeter increments at any time for a more comfortable fit. The customized settings allow you to find your perfect fit.

SnoreRx Plus thermal matrix

Customized to Your Teeth

The Thermal Matrix® design creates a custom impression of your teeth with superior retention. Its slim and lightweight design lets you stay comfortable while you sleep.

SnoreRx Plus
2,129 reviews
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