Last Updated: January 9, 2021

SnoreRx vs. CPAP

I would like to talk to you about snoring and how for many patients it may be a symptom that leads to sleep apnea. If you find yourself unable to tolerate your continuous positive airway pressure machine (also known as CPAP) but still snore, your best choice may be SnoreRx.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends an oral appliance as the primary interventional therapy for snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea.

While SnoreRx is not for the treatment of any clinical or medical condition, it has been clinically proven to eliminate snoring. SnoreRx is the only product that meets the new Medicare 2012 recommended design standards for an oral appliance, Its micro adjustment feature makes it comfortable to wear and very effective for most patients.

In my professional opinion, SnoreRx is advanced design surpasses those oral appliances sold by dentists and custom fabricated at the clinical lab costing between two and three thousand dollars. The company is so confident that SnoreRx works and it’s the best product money can buy it gives a hundred percent money guaranteed. If you snore and cannot tolerate your CPAP I would recommend you try SnoreRx.

Dr. Mandell is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, The American Dental Society, The Massachussets Dental and Periodontal Societies and The International Association of Dental Research. Dr. Mandell received his dental degree from the Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry.