Last Updated: May 17, 2022

Myths About Snoring Mouthpieces

There are plenty of good reasons to use a mouthpiece to stop snoring. But dubious claims about its effectiveness and safety persist, making people skeptical of using it. Don’t let myths about snoring mouthpieces stop you from getting the sleep you deserve.

Myth #1 – Snoring Mouthpieces Don’t Work

There is extensive medical research that suggests anti snoring mouthpieces are the most effective treatment to stop snoring. Unlike other snoring aids, mouthpieces directly fix the snoring at the source. A study conducted by Centre for Sleep Disorders found that 87% of patients had no issues using an oral appliance. See whether a snoring mouthpiece is best for you.

Myth #2 – Every Snoring Mouthpiece works the same

Some people may be discouraged after trying a snoring mouthpiece that does not for them. However, not all mouthpiece are equal.

Today, there is a larger disparity in effectiveness between various designs. For example, the ability to adjust and create a custom impression are a few features that may impact the effectiveness of your device. We recommend using an adjustable snoring appliance, which finds the proper advancement of the lower jaw that works for you.

Myth #3 – Snoring Mouthpieces are Uncomfortable to Wear

Although some mouthpieces are bulky and difficult to wear at night, there are several options that are slim and lightweight. These mouthpieces often resemble a sports mouthguard. Snoring mouthpieces that are custom fit to your teeth are known to be considerably more comfortable.

Those who report any discomfort the first night of wearing a snoring mouthpiece typically become adjusted by the second or third night of wearing it. For most people, a snoring mouthpiece becomes as standard as wearing a retainer every night.

Myth #4: You Need A Prescription For A Snoring Mouthpiece

Although custom oral appliances require a prescription and are expensive, there are affordable options available online.

SnoreRx is the only snoring mouthpiece that is cleared OTC by the FDA based on its history of safety and efficacy. SnoreRx is an affordable solution and can be custom-fitted at home without a dental lab. Other devices that are available online without a prescription fail to adhere to FDA mandates and regulations.

Myth #5: A Snoring Mouthpiece Will Shift Your Teeth and Jaw

Snoring mouthpieces require holding the lower jaw slightly forward to maintain an open airway and stop snoring. Both custom oral appliances and ‘boil and bite’ snoring mouth guards create a custom impression of the teeth and distribute pressure evenly. If an adequate impression of the teeth is made, your teeth will not shift.

Myth #6: Snoring Mouthpieces Stain Your Teeth

Taking proper care of your teeth and mouthpiece will prevent tooth staining. For best results, regularly clean your device using non-abrasive solutions. View helpful tips on how to clean your snoring mouthpiece.