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By Lonnie

Farmers Branch, TX

Not perfect but helpful, especially for the price

By Melanie

Houston, TX

It works but is a little uncomfortable

By Vinton

Oklahoma City, OK


By James

Windsor Locks, CT

Met the expected result, only used at setting #1 but effective in stopping the snoring.

By Brian

Squamish, BC

Takes a bit to get used to, but love the results

By Dennis

Livonia, MI

Great product. Has helped me sleep much deeper and reduced my snoring significantly.

By Tom

Luxemburg, WI

fit good could use a little more gap to fit your teeth . I had a hard time alining both upper and lower teeth when it came time to fit it

By Lori

Faribault, MN

IT ACTUALLY WORKS and is pretty comfortable. Did not take long to get used to wearing it.

By Brian

Cottage Grove, MN

It is amazing to me (and my wife) that a mouth guard is the solution to me keeping everyone in the room awake all night. It worked so well immediately that my wife didn’t sleep the first night because she was nervous that I wasn’t breathing since she couldn’t hear me at all. She says she just kept checking my chest to feel me breathe. It has been perfect every night since.

By Maria

Tyrone, GA

materials were solid. Great that it was adjustable. Good customer service when I inquired

By Daniel

Longview, TX

Amazing! Saved my husband and me from being forced to retire to separate bedrooms to get adequate sleep. No more urges to smother him with a pillow, lol.

By Bradley

Sachse, TX

I've tried all of the various nasal strips and mouth tape, knowing that I wouldn't be satisfied with the results because it just didn't "feel" like that's where my snoring was originating from. And I knew I didn't have sleep apnea, because I was sleeping fine (it's my wife that wasn't). So when I heard about the SnoreRx device from a friend and learned it's approach to reducing snoring, I had a really good feeling that it was going to work for me. And it has! I researched other comparable yet less-expensive devices, but I'm a firm believe in the fact that you get what you pay for. This is an impeccably manufactured device. The sizing instructions are easy to follow. And the results are top notch. 5 star recommendation, without a doubt! Thank you, SnoreRx!

By Mike

Ottawa, ON


By Bryan

Key West, FL

My dentist strongly recommended I get a $1900 appliance through him to help my jaw alignment, which would improve my overall health, and specifically my heart. That was way out of my budget (for a plastic appliance I would probably lose, or a pet would chew up and destroy), but thankfully my wife found this and we figured for the price it was worth a try. Well, it works great! The first night I slept better than usual, and I woke up feeling better than usual, and I even had more mental clarity - that has continued the entire 5 weeks I have been using it! I am thrilled! Turns out my dentist was right, but I am so glad I was able to save $1800 and get similar results.

By Kenneth

Mount Pleasant, SC

IT WORKS. Definitely reduces my snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. My wife absolutely notices the difference. My reason for giving it 4 and not 5 stars is for some minor discomfort in my jaw, and in my lower teeth. (Your lower teeth are molded into the device, and they feel the pressure of keeping your jaw forward, so in the morning it feels a lot like when you had braces as a teenager.) Also, my lower teeth accumulate significantly more plaque than before -- lots of brushing and flossing are important if you use this device.

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