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By Jim

Novelty, OH

I am on my third Snorex mouthpiece. It is a very good product, well-constructed and easy to customize. I have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is in my mouth and I notice the flow of air over my palate that helps me fall asleep and sleep more soundly. Of course, the greatest benefit of my Snorex is the peace it has given my long-suffering wife. She is able to sleep more soundly because of its salutatory effects. That means the most. I guard my Snorex jealously from our puppy who seems to have a laser-like attraction to it's texture. She was responsible for stealing my second one off my nightstand and chewing it to pieces. Never again! I am very appreciative of the quality and effectiveness of Snorex's products.

By Fred

Dallas, TX

Love it, it is the best oral do-jigger I've used yet and as I do a lot of vacation travel... I am strongly considering buying a 2nd unit for backup in case the one I use, I loose it or it breaks

By Shalona


truly effective device

By Kyriakos

Vaudreuil, QC

I use it instead of a cpap machine. I was tested y my doctor while using my snorerx and my sleep was correct by more then half

By Michael

Toronto, ON

Product works as advertised if you use it regularly and train your jaw muscles. Does it stop snoring completely- no, but helps significantly and I am more rested in the morning.

By Seburn

Mount Dora, FL

very good

By Henry

Issaquah, WA

i've tried many MAD's for sleep apnea...most worked OK but SnoreRx was by far the molds to my mouth well, is comfortable, i barely know its there, i really like the adjustable feature, none of the others had that, and best of all it totally stops my apnea...i have 5 just in case...if youre patient you can find them on Ebay MUCH cheaper but with no return policy

By Sharon

Dunsborough, WA

Easy to fit..Doesn't fall out of mouth while sleeping. If you're a teeth grinder , it doesn't break like other products. Very affordable compared to surgery.

By Lanny

Marysville, WA

Fits good and functions as advertised. Easy to clean with a toothbrush.

By Ken

Calgary, AB

Snoring stopped instantly. My partner and I had the best night's sleep in weeks. A little jaw soreness, but that seems to be decreasing.

By Richard

Nashville, TN

Well made, durable product that met my expectations. Highly recommend.

By Arlyn

Springdale, AR

Product works for what it was designed for. Takes a while to get use to it. Usually causes some dry mouth during the night. Kind of replaces the dental mouth piece designed to prevent teeth grinding while sleeping.

By Myron

Albany, GA

I purchased this product due to my snoring which has gotten progressively worse as I get older. Also due to my desire to NOT use a CPAP device. When I started the search, I came across an article (online) that expressed the “Top 5 anti-snoring devices”. The end result was that SnoreX was at the top of this list. I found the website and decided to make the purchase. After about a week of adjustments, I found my setting and it has been great. In the months prior, I started experiencing “micro sleeping” especially while driving long distance. Now, since I have been using the device for several weeks, I stay awake while driving, in meetings, and other places. I believe that it’s due to not waking up a dozen times a night by my own snoring. However, I will admit that I do still snore at certain times of the night but the severity has deceased dramatically. I even purchased a couple of extra devices to use whiling traveling and/or one is damaged or lost. I highly recommend the product.

By Greg

Maplewood, MN

good except the bottom piece fell off but they replaced it.

By Tom

Toronto, ON

It works! My girlfriend is happy

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