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By Alfred

Council Bluffs, IA

no comments

By Billy

Waco, TX

Simple to use. So far effective.

By Ken

Buckeye, AZ

This device works perfectly for my wife and myself. There was no jaw pain experienced at all, just slight teeth pain. We are very happy to have restful sleep.

By Theresa

Monument, CO

It works!

By Thomas

Fort Gratiot, MI

Good product

By Mark


Now my wife and both get to sleep.

By Keith

Alexandria, VA

I used another competitive product for over a year which worked, but was not comfortable. I decided to try this to improve the comfort, this is far superior since you can mold it so it fits perfectly. I was already using a different product so there was no adjustment time in getting use to snorerx and I have been happy since day 1 with it.

By Brian

Charleston, SC

Very good, takes a week or so to get used to

By Akili

Chicago, IL

It looks and feels like a mouth guard in sports. But it is very adjustable to fit whatever comfort zone you are familiar with.

By Thomas

Bloomington, MN

The wife says it works. That’s all I need to hear.

By Mark

Weldon Spring, MO

In the end, the product did not work for me, BUT I still give it 5-stars. Quality of the product was great, and customer service was very good. My refund was handled quickly and without hassle. I REALLY wanted it to work but my medical condition prevented it. Not their fault.

By Bruce

Cochrane, AB

product is better than a couple of alternatives. Wish the black labels could be removed (at least from the front). The soft liner material is a little better than alternatives, but can still be messed up - not completely fool proof. They did give money back on a quick return (one failed out of 4 purchased so far), so that's good.

By Tom

Nyc, NY

Like what other have said, it works as it claims. Cleared my snoring right up. Yes, it does take a night or 2 to get used to it in your mouth, and jaw sensations. I am impressed and happy (and so are those who may have to sleep near me).

By Michael

Millstadt, IL

Worked as advertised.

By Barbara

Ben Lomond, CA

Very effective for elimating my snoring. I use Snorelab Smartphone application to measure my snoring and this product reduces it to almost nothing. My husband is very happy to sleep together and vacation together again!

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