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By Meranda

Herriman, UT

Works well, spouse noticed a difference the first night I used it.

By Gord

Calgary, AB

Works great I love that it is adjustable. Worth the extra money as I spent more money on similar products that were cheaper and didn't work.

By Shaun

Kelowna, BC

Mouthguard leaves my mouth a little dry in the mornings, but my wife appreicates that a lot more than she did my snoring. Snoring is basically gone completely when wearing it.

By Darren

Timmins, ON

Works just as advertised. Very happy with the product.

By Richard

Minneapolis, MN

easy to use and is very nice for travel instead of my CPAP

By Mark

Loganville, GA

Amazing product! Had no idea how poor my sleep was until I started using this. I spoke to someone who had just been through a skeep study. He asked me when my last dream was and I couldn't remember. Apparently that's a question used to determine how much REM sleep you have. Dreams come in REM. I have been having vivid dreams like I haven't had for what seems like decades. I call it my "dream maker".

By James

Pooler, GA

Amazing product! Stopped snoring the first night that I used this product!

By Paul

Edmonton, AB

Works exactly like I need it to. Easy to adjust and use. My wife is SO glad I got it.

By John

Higden, AR

I don't give anything a 5 star because there is always room for improvement. ;) The device took a week or so to get used to, but it definitely worked for me. I have a partial plate, top and bottom, and was concerned about slipping. But it works GREAT! I did have some jaw pain at first, but after a couple of weeks and finding the proper adjustment (GO SLOW), it's working GREAT! Highly recommended...

By Lawrence

Elon, NC

It partially works. Even after several boils, my teeth still come out of it.

By Michael

Westminster, CO

Works great.

By Peter

Old Saybrook, CT

Worx 1000 times better than other brands I've tried before

By Jack

Fair Oaks, CA

Great product! My wife is very happy and thus I am happy. I used to doze off in the afternoon but after using SnoreRx no more snoozing.

By Theresa

Oviedo, FL

Comfortable to wear. Sometimes slips out of mouth.

By Don

Arnprior, ON

Excellent comfortable

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