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By Sandy

Knoxville, TN

Answered this in prior question!

By Daniel

Pembroke Pines, FL

The SnoreRx works Great for Me !!!

By Joann

Chandler, AZ


By Earl

Victoria, BC

Works extremely well; does what it is supposed to do. Worth the money.

By Chris

Las Vegas, NV

The product is easy to use and it helped with my snoring immediately.

By Kimberly

Gold Hill, OR

Does the trick, less bulky than others, adjustable and I would order it again.

By Brian

Brownville, NY

Works great

By Randy

Madison, WI

I rate this product high because it did what Snorerx said it would do, stopped my snoring. As good as it started out unfortunately I developed jaw & tooth pain after about 5 days. I stopped using it thinking the pain would subside but it did not eventually turning serious enough to warrant urgent care & emergency dentist appointments. Things got better with heavy doses of ibuprofen and a regiment of steroids but took several weeks for my jaw & teeth to return to normal. I believe this product can work for some but not for all.

By Christine

Ashland, OR

It works. I don't snore and my dry cough is all but gone. The device is a bit large, but waking up without a dry mouth is worth some inconvenience.

By Richard

Roswell, GA

It works; enough said. Takes a week or so to get used to but after that, no problem with it.

By Lia

Mission Viejo, CA

This product met and exceeded my expectations!

By Benjamin

Hawley Beach, TAS

Can’t sleep without it

By Hope

Morgan City, LA

Good product.

By Mark

Whitehouse, TX

Almost totally stop my snoring on 2 mm. setting. Does it's job.

By Daniel

West Chester, OH

works well

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