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By James

Tenafly, NJ

helps my marriage

By Nicholas

West Henrietta, NY

SnoreRx has a great design and its easy adjustment is the best feature of this product. It's much better than the Silent Night product that is poorly designed and constructed even though it's recommended by the ADA.

By Casi

Walla Walla, WA

My snoring levels were in the 50 to 80 levels and once I started using Snorex, the levels dropped to level 4!! Yes, it gets some getting use to wearing with tender teeth, but I can now go to sleep knowing my airways are open, my heart is better protected and I wake up more refreshed! I even tried testing without it for a night and my snoring skyrocketed! Not worth going without Snorex and I love it’s well laid out app and low cost too! I had a professional snore guard made at the cost of $1,500 and that was with insurance! i accidentally lost that guard, so Snorex has been a real affordable lifesaver for me. Thank you Snorex❣️

By Pierre

Oakville, ON

Works perfect and as described.

By Danny

Fort Worth, TX

The product worked from the first snoring virtually stopped. It does take some getting used to...a little uncomfortable at first, expect drooling, made my teeth a little tender (but this is getting better). However, I am resting so much better, sleeping more soundly, and my wife is no longer sleeps at the other end of the bed. I would indeed and have recommended the product.

By Corey

Calgary, AB

This is my 5th snore guard brand that I have tried. The rest all worked for me but gave me a LOT of tooth pain after wearing for a few days; tried re-molding to no avail. Along comes the SnoreRx (I waited to buy it as it was the most expensive) but after 1+ months, I love it! I barely require any correction so the adjustability is great. The mold is great and it feels very high quality. I will definitely be buying another. My only complaint is the breathing hole. It provides ample flow of air but I noticed my lower lip can easily plug it off and I wake myself up. I don't really know how that can be fixed though.

By Carol

San Diego, CA

It seems to work, and I have not woken myself up, so that is good. The alignment is perfect.

By Alfred

Council Bluffs, IA

no comments

By Billy

Waco, TX

Simple to use. So far effective.

By Ken

Buckeye, AZ

This device works perfectly for my wife and myself. There was no jaw pain experienced at all, just slight teeth pain. We are very happy to have restful sleep.

By Theresa

Monument, CO

It works!

By Thomas

Fort Gratiot, MI

Good product

By Mark


Now my wife and both get to sleep.

By Keith

Alexandria, VA

I used another competitive product for over a year which worked, but was not comfortable. I decided to try this to improve the comfort, this is far superior since you can mold it so it fits perfectly. I was already using a different product so there was no adjustment time in getting use to snorerx and I have been happy since day 1 with it.

By Brian

Charleston, SC

Very good, takes a week or so to get used to

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