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By Thomas

Aliso Viejo, CA

The product definitely works to reduce snoring and improve sleep quality. It was easy to boil and fit, and I got it right the first time. The only problem I had is that I tend to clench and grind my teeth at night, and the product did not hold up well to that. The company stands behind their product however and honored their 30 day money back guarantee. It’s my opinion this product would work for most users.

By Bruce

Oregon, OH

My SnoreRx works well, but sometimes it doesn't hold its setting well. For example, if I set both sides to 3, one side will be at 2 in the morning. Maybe a better latching mechanism could be developed in the future. Overall, it works well.

By James

Laguna Niguel, CA

Fantastic product! I’ve tried a number of different snore guards and this is far and away the best! Design, fit and quality head and shoulders above the rest and eliminated my snoring!

By Travis

Santa Ana, CA

I'm glad I found the SnoreRx mouthpiece. It's the most comfortable mouthpiece I have found and I no longer snore.

By Ron

Shelby, NC

Works great for me most of the time. Wife says her sleep has improved since I got this, so that has to be a big plus.

By Steve

Oxenford, QLD

Doesn’t alway stay in place but as a whole works well for me

By Laura

Oklahoma City, OK

Great product but did not fit properly

By John

Kenner, LA

This product truly works! My wife of almost 17 years has somehow ignored my snoring. This product worked so well, she thought I was dead. The problem that I have with the product is the expense. It only lasts up to 11 months and $75-$100 a year is not affordable for me. Also, it is only one piece which allows no jaw movement. I found that I would wake up and take it out in the middle of the night. I had my dentist custom make a silent nite for me which will last a long time as long I take care of it. If cost is not an issue, the SnoreRx is a great product.

By Loree

Ruther Glen, VA

Since I started using the snore RX, my husband said that my snoring has decreased by 90%. I sleep better, and wake up well rested. I would highly recommend this product.

By Karen

Minden, NV

I had a $4,000 dentist prescribed device that didn't work for squat. My husband gratefully thanks SnoreRx for this item. It really works.

By Marcelle

Kojonup, WA

Works great, only problem is my husband manages to spit it out throughout the night, which means back to snoring. Only issue is he finds it hurts his teeth and jaw due to clenching, but he sleeps so much better when he has it in. I would recommend this product, it is amazing how it has stopped his snoring.

By Erin

Roswell, GA

I was convinced I needed to complete a sleep study. I would wake myself up multiple times during the night because I was snoring. I tried SnoreRx and had immediate results. I sleep soundly, and my husband doesn't have to wear earbuds to sleep to cover my snores. I forgot to wear it the other night and the snoring returned. It is an amazing device!

By Larry

Portland, OR

SnoreRX is a simple product to make and very expensive to buy. It works.

By Willie

Napa, CA

The product I purchased works better than I expected. Now both me and my wife get a good nights sleep. I think the benefits the devise provides far out weighs the cost of the produce, which is not excessive. Well worth the purchase!!!

By Timothy

Fergus Falls, MN

The SnoreRx device does stop me from snoring. However, I have an overbite, and the device is fairly uncomfortable to wear, as it forces my lower jaw forward in an unnatural alignment (for me). I usually wake up after a couple of hours of sleep and end up removing the device due to the discomfort. I tried putting it in the boiling water again to re-fit it, per the instructions. I wouldn't do that again, I ended up with an even less comfortable fit, as the material wouldn't form to my teeth as well the second time around. In the past I had TMJ which has been gone now for over 10-years. When I use the SnoreRx regularly the TMJ starts to resurface. It does work however, and if I can wear it for the first few hours at least my wife can get to sleep!

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