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By Loree

Ruther Glen, VA

Since I started using the snore RX, my husband said that my snoring has decreased by 90%. I sleep better, and wake up well rested. I would highly recommend this product.

By Karen

Minden, NV

I had a $4,000 dentist prescribed device that didn't work for squat. My husband gratefully thanks SnoreRx for this item. It really works.

By Marcelle

Kojonup, WA

Works great, only problem is my husband manages to spit it out throughout the night, which means back to snoring. Only issue is he finds it hurts his teeth and jaw due to clenching, but he sleeps so much better when he has it in. I would recommend this product, it is amazing how it has stopped his snoring.

By Erin

Roswell, GA

I was convinced I needed to complete a sleep study. I would wake myself up multiple times during the night because I was snoring. I tried SnoreRx and had immediate results. I sleep soundly, and my husband doesn't have to wear earbuds to sleep to cover my snores. I forgot to wear it the other night and the snoring returned. It is an amazing device!

By Larry

Portland, OR

SnoreRX is a simple product to make and very expensive to buy. It works.

By Willie

Napa, CA

The product I purchased works better than I expected. Now both me and my wife get a good nights sleep. I think the benefits the devise provides far out weighs the cost of the produce, which is not excessive. Well worth the purchase!!!

By Natasha


Initially when doing my indent, my bottom teeth went into the wrong place and I did not realise this. Then when I tried it out, it kept my mouth open wide which was uncomfortable and it did not work as my bottom jaw slipped out. I gave up for a while, but then I wanted to try again. That is when I noticed that the bottom teeth had been indented in the wrong place. After another attempt which seemed to indent properly, the product started to be effective. It is still uncomfortable somewhat and my lips get dry but it has helped with reducing the noise, apart from if I move onto my back.

By Michael

Jefferson City, MO

Excellent product

By Richard

Reno, NV

My wife loves it. The first time in 34 years that my snoring does not wake her up! It took me about a week to get used to it, after that no problem.

By Stephanie

Rockport, MA

Magic! Eliminated my loud snoring, except if I try to sleep in my back. I’m getting a better night’s sleep using the lowest recommended setting — and so is my partner. Great investment, completely worth it!

By Trevor

Roleystone, WA

My wife says it has reduced my “chain saw” snoring down to a heavy breathing sound. She swears by it. I have found that I don’t wake myself up with a snorting start. Everyone in the house says I don’t snore any more.

By Jim

Novelty, OH

I am on my third Snorex mouthpiece. It is a very good product, well-constructed and easy to customize. I have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is in my mouth and I notice the flow of air over my palate that helps me fall asleep and sleep more soundly. Of course, the greatest benefit of my Snorex is the peace it has given my long-suffering wife. She is able to sleep more soundly because of its salutatory effects. That means the most. I guard my Snorex jealously from our puppy who seems to have a laser-like attraction to it's texture. She was responsible for stealing my second one off my nightstand and chewing it to pieces. Never again! I am very appreciative of the quality and effectiveness of Snorex's products.

By Fred

Dallas, TX

Love it, it is the best oral do-jigger I've used yet and as I do a lot of vacation travel... I am strongly considering buying a 2nd unit for backup in case the one I use, I loose it or it breaks

By Shalona


truly effective device

By Kyriakos

Vaudreuil, QC

I use it instead of a cpap machine. I was tested y my doctor while using my snorerx and my sleep was correct by more then half

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