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Medical professionals recommend oral appliances be designed with a custom impression to prevent tooth movement. Three core features to look for when purchasing an anti-snore device: custom impression, compliance with medical standards, and adjustability.

SnoreRx zQuiet® Zyppah® Pure Sleep® GMSS®

Adjustable in 1mm increments

Same reason there are 12 sizes of shoes

Create Custom Impression

Similar to a custom dental devices that cost $2,000+

Ability to Reset the Adjustment

May be readjusted as required for optimal comfort at any time

Built In Calibrator

Clearly displays setting selected and reference point to indicate adjustment setting

Prevents Constant Pressure or Torsion

Constant torsion can lead to pain and tendonitis

Meets and Exceeds Medical Standards

Dental lab quality design with advanced safety features

Certified by AMASS

Respected medical authorities trust SnoreRx as an effective treatment

(1) PureSleep allows only three settings or adjustments
(2) Other models allow no precise adjustment capability
Zyppah, PureSleep, Zquiet and GMSS are trademarked by their respective companies


Advanced Design
Unlike other devices, SnoreRx does not use any metal screws, rubber bands.

Micro Fit
Precise calibration in 1mm increments delivers maximum clinical effectiveness and patient comfort.

Posi Lock
Selected setting is locked in. User may unlock and reset a new setting at any time.

Max Flow
Open front assures user full airflow of oxygen through the mouth during sleep.

Easy-to-read indicator provides a clear guage of the amount of jaw advancement of the side of the device.

Thermal Fit
Provides custom fit for an individual's own mouth. Copolymer cushions your teeth.

SnoreRx is Made in the USA
Three core features to look for when purchasing an oral appliance include micro-adjustability, the ability to make a custom impression, and accommodation for full breathing.

Thermal Matrix Design

SnoreRx design features a thermal matrix material that enables each user to personalize their device with a custom impression. The custom impression process is a simple step by step process that can be done in the comfort of your home.
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