Last Updated: August 19, 2021

Popular Remedies to Reduce Snoring

There are several snoring aids available to treat snoring. The solution that will work best for you will depend on the severity of your snoring a variety of other factors. Know the benefits of every device to determine what you should use.

Our Recommendation: Snoring Mouthpieces

There are a variety of other treatments available, but we believe mandibular advancement devices are the most effective treatment for snoring.

Surgery works, but it is extremely expensive, risky, and snoring can reoccur after a couple of years. Nasal dilators, like nose strips, may help a small percentage of snorers because the shape of their nostrils is too narrow, thereby restricting nasal airflow, but that’s not the typical reason why most people snore. Special pillows can provide modest relief, but mainly because they encourage people to sleep on their sides instead of their backs, where snoring is normally worse. Aside from this benefit, they offer little, if any relief. Throat lubricants (which are typically sprays) have been proven not to work.

The Most Effective Snoring Mouthpiece Available

SnoreRx is an advanced and patented oral appliance that is designed to reduce snoring by moving the lower jaw slightly forward to maintain and open airway while you sleep. The custom molded mouthpiece works by a method called ‘mandibular repositioning’ whereby the device gently advances the lower jaw forward, creating an open airway.